I generally like to keep things the way they are.  I like to stay in one place.  I like to get the same dish at restaurants, and the same drink at Starbucks.  I listen to the same Texas country singers as I did in high school.    I refuse to decorate in anything but red.

But 2010 finds me stepping out of my comfort zone, ever so slightly.

Song I just can’t get enough of:  Lady Gaga, Bad Romance

I’m getting rid of the red. The living room shall be purple, and the bedroom shall be blue.  My inspiration:

I’m saying goodbye to cereal.  Breakfast of choice:

16 grams of protein, 150 calories, and five live active cultures. And tasty. (shameless plug: Shop at Sprouts!)

This spring, instead of annuals on my patio, I’m thinking succulents.  Except for my bougainvillea.  I can’t not have a bougainvillea.

Lastly, my obsession with Starbucks chai tea lattes with nonfat milk.  I’m sort of going out on a limb here, but not really. Baby steps.  Discovered last night at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf:

Steeped in soy milk.  AMAZING.

Stayed tuned for more of me living outside of the box.  Not too far though.  It’s scary out there.


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Austin, Texas
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1 Response to Favorites.

  1. Lyssa says:

    YAY! Proud of you … and the new living room with new recovered chairs is going to BEAUTIFUL!

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