Friday Etsy Finds

I am redecorating.  So far I have recovered the chairs, switched out some lamps, and gotten new curtains (before and after pics to come!).  I am on a never-ending quest to make my hideous yet cozy fireplace blend in with the rest of the apartment.  Etsy is my solution.  While I haven’t picked out the perfect piece of art yet, I have stumbled across some other art that caught my eye.

affirmation friend by laurageorge



wall decal from greywolfdesigns (Love this – bought this!)


A special message to the hundreds of people who sell some version of the “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster on Etsy: While the history of this poster is nice and all, it is no longer innovative or interesting on Etsy or on home walls.  Please stop invading my search results with your multicolored boredom.  Thanks.


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