Boom. Rode my bike to work.

It took me 4 months to build up to it, but I did it. And I was only 1 minute late to work.

Then I was useless for the next 20 minutes as I recovered from feeling like I was going to toss my breakfast smoothie. That last hill by my office is a doozie.


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This Sunday: Soul of East Austin

Come celebrate S’s Birthday (October 16) with us at Soul of East Austin!

The Soul of East Austin is a charitable festival featuring local gospel & jazz music and select east Austin restaurants, hosted by The Ministry of Challenge.

This high-profile event showcases the beautiful culture and talent from within the communities of east Austin.

Masters of Ceremony:
Bob Cole & Bucky Godbolt

Featured Artists:
Blue Mist
Bells of Joy
Soul Tree Collective
Kyle Turner & Michael Ward
Sister Juanita & Tabitha Johnson
Teresa Grayson

Featured Restaurants:
Zandunga Mexican Bistro
11th St. Station
Hat Creek Burger Co.

Tickets / Registration:
$20 online or at any RunTex location
$30 at the door
Kids under 12 are FREE

The M.O.C. serves as a bridge for men struggling to make a positive transition from prison release back into society.
Located in the heart of east Austin, the M.O.C. is a free six month residential program that addresses substance abuse, self-destruction and family violence.
To date, approximately 4200 men of all ages have been given a second chance through the Ministry of Challenge.
All proceeds are directed to the life-saving programs of the Ministry of Challenge (a 501(c)(3) non-profit created in 1993.

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Fudge Cake Fail

Date night dessert fail. Guess I’ll be stopping by Whole Foods. Sorry Crofts.

This is what I was trying for: chocolate fudge cake


Tastes like poop.

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Sippin’ on Gin and Jam

In case you haven’t been to 2nd Bar+Kitchen yet, you should go.  The food is really really great, and the bar menu offers some ridiculously creative cocktails, including a Gin and Jam.  No GED needed to figure this cocktail out – it is literally gin and jam. It is raspberry jam in a glass of gin with ice and a spoon. It is shockingly good.

S and I decided to DIY our own Gin and Jam.  How hard can it be, right? Not too hard once you figure out the right mixing technique*.

First – the Gin! It has a hat because it’s distinguished. This gin may be a little overwhelming for this drink.  Ask your liquor guy for one a little less intense than the Brokers.

BrokersGinNext, the JAM.  I’m trying to cut added sugar out of my life, so I wanted to find the most sugar-less jam I could find. Both of these added-sugar free jams were found at Specs.  We did small taste tests before committing to making a whole cocktail…

S and I think that the St. Dalfour may be the jam that 2nd Bar+Kitchen uses.  Color and taste seems awfully similar.

*As far as technique, don’t put the jam on the bottom of the glass or else it won’t ever mix up with the gin.  Instead, fill your glass almost full of ice, then put the gin in to a level a little below the ice, then put the jam on top of the ice and begin mixing with a spoon.  Drinking this drink is a bit of an active process as continual swirling keeps the gin and jam nice and mixed up. Helps to let the ice melt a little too.


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A New Post. Ta-da!

I’m skipping the apology about not writing. I bailed on my blog for a bit. Done. Back (hopefully). Moving on.

Speaking of moving, we moved. This is my favorite part of the apartment so far.

My grandmom painted the ballerinas in 1959.  They were hung in the guestroom where I slept when I stayed with her in the summers growing up.

S found the chest at Goodwill! Gorgeous!

I picked up the axis deer skull on a property I was doing some work on near Kyle, Texas.  S did a fine job of affixing it to the wall with a wire coat hanger.

I will post a full home tour soon.

That’s a joke. Or it is? You should probably just come over for dinner, you might get the tour sooner.



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Photo Tour: San Antonio, Texas


Our hotel - Omni La Mansion del Rio

Pre-rehearsal dinner cocktails at Boudros on the riverwalk. Amazing rocks margaritas.

Made-table-side guac for two. Spicy and delish!

Rehearsal dinner menu - fried chicken, waffles, biscuits and gravy, mac and cheese, green beans, and peach cobbler. Yes, I ate it all in case you were wondering.

San Antonio Zoo

San Antonio Zoo

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Update: Soup WIN

I’m a believer!!!  No longer does tasty potato leek soup need to attend the Diet Dr. Pepper “I Exist Support Group.” It does exist!  It looks like baby puke, but it exists!

Apparently my shamelessly obvious plan to shout out to my friend Shannon’s husband (who is a confessed reader of aPerfectInsane) to get him to get her to make me soup worked.  They had S and I over to their lovely house for Chicken Parmesan and Potato Leek Soup on Valentines Day. Thanks guys!!!

Shannon, can you please make Leprechauns and pots of gold exist now? Baby needs new dining room chairs.



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