My Vision.

This is what my  bedroom looks like right now:

Ugh, boring.

Bedrooms are all about inspiration.  I desire to wake up energized and delighted by my surroundings.  For that, much dedication must be invested in finding art and colors that speak to you.  For me (and for many others according to reviews), I found myself utterly transfixed by the work of Casey O’Connell, a brilliant artist from Florida currently residing in San Fransisco, California. Stop reading this blog NOW and go look at her site.  If your heart doesn’t jump and your insides don’t tingle, you aren’t human.

I was so in love that I emailed Casey to find out if/where I could purchase prints, as all I could find were wall graphics for sale.  Within 12 hours, she had written me back a super sweet email telling me that my kind words about her art had made her morning, but confirmed that at this time the wall graphics are all she has for sale.  The Google tells me her originals sell for $5,000.  I am hoping some day I will be fortunate enough to commission her to do a painting of me and S… oh wouldn’t that be fabulous?!

But I wanted canvas art, not a wall graphic.  Surely Austin must have some artist that will make me tingle just as much.  So I spent this past Saturday scouring galleries on West 6th, South Congress, and South Lamar.  No luck.  This is how I am, you know.  I’m a great decision maker, but I have to second guess myself first.  I know in my gut if something isn’t “the one”, but I may try to convince myself otherwise.  It’s how I knew on our first date that I would one day marry S (doesn’t he seem to good to be true?).  It’s why I have a fabulous grey-ish purple living room (isn’t purple a little flamboyant?).  It’s why I still live in Austin (I’ve lived here my whole life.  Shouldn’t I get out and see the world?). And it’s why I just bought the Casey O’Connell When Freckles Collide wall graphic, and I know it’s right.

I drew you a picture of my vision:

You kind of have to use your imagination, but it’s going to be great! I can’t wait!


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