Sippin’ on Gin and Jam

In case you haven’t been to 2nd Bar+Kitchen yet, you should go.  The food is really really great, and the bar menu offers some ridiculously creative cocktails, including a Gin and Jam.  No GED needed to figure this cocktail out – it is literally gin and jam. It is raspberry jam in a glass of gin with ice and a spoon. It is shockingly good.

S and I decided to DIY our own Gin and Jam.  How hard can it be, right? Not too hard once you figure out the right mixing technique*.

First – the Gin! It has a hat because it’s distinguished. This gin may be a little overwhelming for this drink.  Ask your liquor guy for one a little less intense than the Brokers.

BrokersGinNext, the JAM.  I’m trying to cut added sugar out of my life, so I wanted to find the most sugar-less jam I could find. Both of these added-sugar free jams were found at Specs.  We did small taste tests before committing to making a whole cocktail…

S and I think that the St. Dalfour may be the jam that 2nd Bar+Kitchen uses.  Color and taste seems awfully similar.

*As far as technique, don’t put the jam on the bottom of the glass or else it won’t ever mix up with the gin.  Instead, fill your glass almost full of ice, then put the gin in to a level a little below the ice, then put the jam on top of the ice and begin mixing with a spoon.  Drinking this drink is a bit of an active process as continual swirling keeps the gin and jam nice and mixed up. Helps to let the ice melt a little too.



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2 Responses to Sippin’ on Gin and Jam

  1. S says:

    Wow babe, you did an incredible job on this post. Good going.

  2. Z says:

    Hey, great post right here. I absolutely love this cocktail at 2nd Bar. They currently have it with some tomato espresso marmalade or a blueberry fennel jam and its just silly good. I’m a firm believer that you want to mix it up and drink it direct from the glass because a straw will often get clogged with the fresh berries. although its much more difficult to get full mouthfuls of jam that way.

    Another awesome cocktail at 2nd Bar is the Motorpsycho Nightmare…

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