Tasty Easy Orange Chicken

Cooking chicken breast on the stove makes me nervous because four years ago I gave myself food poisoning after making stir fry and then breaking up with my boyfriend and I’ve been traumatized ever since.  I will risk my intestines for this recipe though.  I’ve made it twice, and no sleeping on the bathroom floor so far.  Or breaking up with S.

Now that you are likely reminiscing about your favorite food poisoning memory… here is a tasty recipe for Orange Chicken!

I didn’t have rice vinegar for the sauce, so I used apple cider vinegar.  Probably made it a little stronger, so if you do this, watch yourself when adding it to your rice and broccoli as it can be little tangy.  Also, I found that this recipe makes too much sauce for two people. I saved the leftover sauce then made this dish again a few days later.  Cooking time is cut down a ton by not having to make the sauce.  Using chicken tenders the second time around also reduced cooking time.


Easy Orange Chicken Recipe


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  1. Sarah says:

    That looks good ~ I recently discovered the joy of an instant read thermometer. I’m a lot less nervous now about meat, and bread. My bread is thoroughly cooked through now ~ although there are usually a hole or two in the top.

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