Beer and Artichoke Monday

Artichokes are in season right now, so grab a friend, an artichoke, and some beer to celebrate  (commiserate?) Mondays.  Thanks to the Dills for grabbing me!

The Dills recommend picking an artichoke that’s been packed on ice with no brown leaves and with a squishy wet stem.

Once you get it home, cut off the pokey parts of the leaves, and chop the base flat so it sits nice and pretty.  Place it in a steamer basket and steam in a saucepan for 45 minutes to one hour, or until the leaves pull off easily. Make sure you keep water in the saucepan.  Pair with a mayonnaise (or plain yogurt) and fresh dill sauce.

We also recommend paring it with gorgeous weather, a front porch, and general jollity and merrymaking.  Delicious.


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1 Response to Beer and Artichoke Monday

  1. Kristin says:

    Haha! I cooked artichokes on Sunday and made lemon dill mayo sauce. How did you know?

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