I wish I had something funny or witty to say, but I am tired this week.  Last night’s craft project was inspired by this wreath I saw on Etsy a while back, temporarily satisfying my craving for nontraditional door decor.

Yarn Wreath

What you need:

  • Foam Wreath (12″)
  • 1 Yarn (or 2 for a bigger wreath)
  • Quilt batting – I used crib size and had leftovers
  • Sewing pins (thought I would need a staple gun, but found that pins are way better)
  • 1 felt sheet/color (I used the 8.5×11 sheets from Hobby Lobby)
  • 3 ft. of ribbon

1.  Fold batting in half, then cut strips about 5-6″ wide (so your strips will doubled up).  Wrap strips evenly around the wreath until it’s as fluffy as you want it, securing each piece with two or three sewing pins.  This takes a little bit of finagling and won’t look perfect.  This does not matter; the yarn will disguise lumps.

2. Pick a side to be the back.  Secure one end of the yarn to this side with a pin. Turn on the Olympics and start wrapping! This is where the therapeutic part comes in.. unless you hate long, monotonous, tedious activities.  I was not super careful with the back, I just made sure the front, inside rim, and outside rim of the wreath were fully covered.  You’ll get the hang of it as you go.  After you get all the way around, you will have leftover yarn you can wrap on areas you missed.  You can either wrap loosely to the areas you missed (which is what I did), or cut your yarn, pin, and wrap just the areas you missed.  When you are done wrapping, use another pin to secure the end of the yarn to the back.

3.  For the flowers, I used an 11×3.5 inch strip of felt, folded in half.   Roll it up all messy, pinching and folding until you like it.  At this step you can sew it or pin it to keep it together, but I skipped that and used one pin to both secure the flower together and secure it to the wreath, trying my best to disguise the pin head under the flower.  Then I used one more pin to secure the other side and a leaf under the flower.  Felt stays together really well, so this was actually pretty easy. You’ll see.

4. Lastly, I wrapped a pretty ribbon around the top (over a place where I had messed up the yarn a bit…) and tied a bow. I think it turned out really well!!


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1 Response to Therapy.

  1. thecroftbaguette says:

    Lovely projects all around! Can’t wait to see all the improvements you’ve made when we get home! Would love your creative eye in decorating our new place…wherever it is….

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