S calls me “domestic”.

My first room was pink with bedtime story characters painted on the walls.  Then I did this whole cow motif thing.  Then pastel florals. Then Paris. Then Red. Red and green. Red and orange. Red and brown.  Red red red.

I’m done with red.  I’m washing my hands of it.  Purple is my new red.  Purple is also the new neutral. Unfortunately, it is surprisingly hard to find purple home decor.  Enter my grandmother’s 1950’s Sears metal sewing machine that has been taking up space in the hallway closet. I weighs 35 lbs – literally.

I made a pillow!

The hardest part of this project was learning to use the sewing machine.  The second hardest part was stuffing the pillow and making the “invisible seam” to close it up.  Let me tell you, it’s not invisible.  Ergo, it probably won’t be on the couch for too long.  How did I do it? Buy fabric (JoAnn Fabrics), buy pillow insert (Hancock Fabrics), cut fabric into 2 squares the same size at the pillow insert, the align fabric squares with the right sides (colorful sides) facing each other. Sew in a straight line on 3 sides, leaving .5-inch space between seam and edge of fabric.  Turn right side out, stuff with pillow. Google the internet to tell you how to do an invisible seam. Wrap with ribbon. Done!

I recovered my chairs!

Turn the chair over and unscrew the seat from the frame.  The screws may be set back in the chair frame, so if you can’t find them, keep looking, I guarantee they are there.  Get yourself a good staple gun and fairly short staples.  Lay your chair seat on a piece of your fabric of choice, then cut a square 4-5 inches wider than that. Then staple staple staple! There’s not a wrong way to do it. Watch the corners though, as it takes a little finessing to keep them from bunching too much.  Think wrapping a present.  Don’t try a glue gun, I don’t think it will work.  Also a note on fabric:  focus on finding an upholstery fabric that will stand up to lots of wear.  If you can Scotchguard the seat before you attach it back, I recommend that for stain resistance.



Love it! Recognize the fabric?

Reading back over this, it looks like I’m redoing everything in orange.  Orange has turned into my accent color, as we have a fabulous burnt orange leather chair in our living room.  But I do have purple! I have purple curtains! And, seeing as our apartment complex has offered to paint an accent wall for resigning our lease, soon there will be purple walls! More to come!


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