I find that January doesn’t bring much inspiration to my life.  2009 was a pretty good year, but I’m not sure I’m ready to deal with another whole one yet.  It’s awfully intimidating.  I briefly thought about resolutions for myself.  I spent last year running and eating 10 calories a day and obsessing over my wedding dress body; I’ll save the weight loss one for at least another year.  My apartment is generally spotless, closets and all.  I don’t need a new job, I take time for myself,  I spend time with my friends, and I read a lot.  The only good resolution I came up with was Project 365, which was already broken by January 2nd when my camera battery died.  I think it’s the cold.   How can one be inspired when stuck between walls?

I used to work at the Austin Zoo.  You don’t notice the cold when you’re feeding tigers.


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