It was a fabulous Christmas!

Our little tree. We outdid ourselves with the gifts this year.

Christmas morning at the inlaws. S playing with our nephew, pre-getting kicked in the face by said nephew.

Nina in her Christmas sweater

My fav pic by far. S and I gave the nephews these straw glasses. Apparently they are kind of hard to drink through, as demonstrated by the intense look on this one's face.

Looking very scientific.

Christmas afternoon and GMs house. Best toys for boys of all ages: Marshmellow Guns. Here S is getting dominated by my little matching cousins.

My little cousin, Story. She cleaned up the war damage by eating every fallen marshmellow off the grass. Mmmm, tummy ache.

S and I ended the day at our favorite spot: The Four Seasons Lounge. This fruity Paso Creek Cab was amazing, and luckily one of the best prices on the menu.

Bring on the new year! I’m ready!


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1 Response to Christmas!

  1. sarah says:

    So cute! Christmas is fun!

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