Food Review: Roaring Fork Brunch and Wedding Cake

So the hubbs and I have been married for a challenging, yet totally wonderful, 6 months as of this past Sunday.  Sister-in-Law says the first 6 months are the hardest, so we felt like we deserved to celebrate!  We went to brunch at the Stone Lake Roaring Fork, where I had the Smoked Salmon Benedict: cornbread slices topped with smoked salmon, poached eggs, and cilantro Bearnaise sauce.  My eggs and salmon were swimming in heavy Bearnaise sauce, so if ordered again, I would ask for this on the side.  The cornbread base was sweet, but complimented nicely with the smoky salmon and perfectly poached eggs.  I didn’t really commit myself to eating the home fries/potato chunks side, but the bite I had didn’t really make me want to try more (maybe I should have asked for ketchup?).  Brunch does come with two freshly made cinnamon rolls preceding your main dish that almost have a home style biscuit taste and texture to them.  They are oozing with pecan and powdered sugar-esque frosting – perfect with my $5 special mimosa (bloody marys and house margaritas also on $5 special during brunch, which lasts until 4 on weekends).   All in all, brunch may not be my favorite meal at Roaring Fork, but the cinnamon rolls, lake view, and precious moments with the hubbs still made it a great experience.

In the true spirit of celebrating, instead of flowers, S bought me new purple boots from Nine West that I have been eying for about 4 months.  Now half off! Love 🙂

But this is a food review, right? Not an essay on how wonderful S is.

Traditionally, newlyweds are supposed to preserve the top of the wedding cake until the one year anniversary.  Well, we opted for 6 months.   According to one website, this tradition “serves as a very pleasant reminder of what was  [our] very special day.”  Special day? Yes.  Pleasant 6 month old frozen wedding cake? No.  I can’t really remember what flavor my wedding cake was.   The filling between the layers had soured to the point where I hypothesize that it was raspberry.  The cake was crumbly and dry and tasteless, with overtones of lemon… yes, must have been a lemon cake. Surprisingly, the (apparently) cream cheese frosting was just good enough/powerful enough to invoke  clouded pleasant memories of the brief moments S and I spent eating cake at our reception. But three bites was enough.  Confession: it’s back in the freezer, because I just can’t bring myself to throw it away.  Maybe someday…


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