White Elephant, why do you hate me?

Current Score: White Elephant Gifts  3.  Me 0.

Once, just once, I would like to walk away from a white elephant gift exchange with a good gift.  Last week, I almost walked away with a Shiatsu Neck Massager, but alas, it was stolen by Participant #1 and I got her weird crawling wind up toy choice.  White Elephant Fail.

Last night, I attended the AUSTIN POST White Elephant Party.  Even though I wound up with an Albert Einstein action figure (which, now that I think about it, is actually awesome because I don’t have to go to WalMart to pick up a gift for today’s White Elephant party),  I felt like a winner anyways because I scored the gift of an AWESOME time 🙂

Free drinks, free food, and free swag abounded!  Compliments to Lanai, because their mixed drink glasses are tall and skinny and fit perfectly in  my AUSTIN POST coozie. Warm hands!

AP/TILIA chief bloggerista extraordinaire , Lyssa, asked me to run around in a bright yellow t-shirt and inform people as to why they should join the AP community.  For one, you can have your very own bright yellow t-shirt.  Second, you just should. It’s fun.  For those of you last night who I talked to that don’t have an iPhone, it’s Christmas, you should get Santa to get you one, then ask him to pay for the stupid-expensive service contract.  Then you can know where I am and what I am doing (along with play-by-plays of EVERY high school football game in the tri-county area if you are interested) all the time when you download the AP Real Time Reporting App! You’ve been good this year, do it!

Thanks AP for rocking my Thursday night!

Me and Lyssa at the APWE party!


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1 Response to White Elephant, why do you hate me?

  1. Lyssa says:

    Thanks for being an amazing Real Time Reporter and t-shirt passer-out … you rock!

    And Albert Einstein action figure is a sure winner … it’s better than a) the wrapped copy of a free Study Breaks magazine and gold Austin Post coins, b) breast milk pump bags, and c) a douche. Literally. Count your blessings?

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