Friday Etsy Find

A good friend away-messaged it best this morning, “My hopes and dreams of snow are crashing and burning.”  Well, there goes my day off from work.

We live in Texas.  Why is it so COLD?

LOVE anything with birds


Delicate. Lovely.


Just can't get enough of this little guy, I think because he reminds me of my friend, Niles*. This will be me later today, only with hot chocolate in hand. Brrr!

mini notecard set by lucysnowephotography

*Niles, I let you down on my Thanksgiving post.  Your stories of heroism and courage under the ruling paw of the Lemons are inspiring.  Keep it up, little buddy, you may not be around as much these days, but thinking about your tail angel still brings me joy!

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1 Response to Friday Etsy Find

  1. sarah says:

    I was hunting on etsy today. This ipod/iphone docking station is neat.

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