Giving Thanks

Tomorrow will be busy with pie-baking, stuffing my face with said pies, and family, so I’m taking this moment to make a short list of things I am thankful for:

  • Mom and dad, who instilled in me the importance of family
  • My sweet hubbs, who loves me even though I’m nuts
  • God’s mercy and grace when I deserve neither
  • Forgiveness
  • My friends’ dogs, who bring me joy just thinking about’s the little things (I’m looking at you Nali, Serisse, and Lilo)
  • A warm and safe house
  • A steady job, when so many this year are struggling without one
  • Friends, both old and new, who make me laugh when I think there’s nothing to laugh about

It’s humbling to make this list.  I am very blessed. Wishing you a happy thanksgiving holiday.


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Austin, Texas
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