Friday Etsy Find

Growing up I did not understand the appeal that holiday wreaths had to my family.  My mother always hung them over the fireplace during the holidays, which was nothing compared with my grandmother who handcrafted a front door wreath for every season. Literally.  Halloween? Of course. Valentines Day? Check.  Washington’s Birthday? You betcha.

Flash forward to my married life, where, holiday by holiday, I am turning more into my family matriarchs, complete with an ‘awkward pumpkin’ doorstep decoration, a quickly burgeoning collection of Christmas Spode, Valentine’s dishtowels, and… a Christmas wreath.  In my defense, said wreath was a gift from aforementioned crafty grandmother who made it for me during college.  The scary part is, I kind of want more. Surely Etsy can satisfy my craving without adding 20 years to my decorating age.  I think the key to twenty-something wreaths is to pass on the silk florals; instead choose a more creative  and unexpected medium.

twigs and gourds by GirlGourder

colorful fabrics by thechicadeeshop

Watercolors, acrylics and oil paints on paper and canvas by cmasseyart

L0ve these mini-wreaths as gifts for your feathered (or not-feathered) friends:


And because I’m amazed at some people’s ideas, I present to you the “Disc-o-Flowers” — what?!



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  1. sarah says:

    I saw the neatest wreath on a blog – someone had hot glued various mixed nuts in the shell onto a plain grapevine wreath. It was beautiful. I’m going to make one when my heirloom fall wreath gasps its last breath.

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