Tiff’s Treats comes to Westlake

Finally, a Tiff’s Treats this side of Mopac that will bring me hot cookies and cold milk when I am feeling down, or hungry, or compulsive.  I work approximately 1.5 miles from the new location (planned to open some time this fall).  As such, knowing the amount of cookies I will require/desire, I should probably plan to void the  delivery option and walk to pick up my cookies.

The new location is on Bee Caves Road and Walsh Tarlton in the West Woods Shopping Center (also housing soon-to-open Froyoyo Frozen Yogart. Trying not to judge this book by it’s cover.).  This Tiff’s will deliver delicious confectionery treats to the surrounding Westlake and Southwest area – here’s hoping the delivery area reaches all the way to my home on Southwest Parkway.


Tiff's Treats, I love you.


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5 Responses to Tiff’s Treats comes to Westlake

  1. Kristin says:

    oh sad! did they replace TCBY?

  2. REL says:

    Yes, I think all TCBY’s in town except for the one on campus have been closed. I would be sad, had I not recently fallen in love with The Yogurt Spot 🙂

  3. sarah says:

    Wow. Cookies baked fresh and delivered, a new level of decadence. I’m partial to peanut butter right now, as I eat one typing this, but in a few days, I’ve promised myself oatmeal raisin.

  4. thecroftbaguette says:

    This made my mouth water at 9am! Do you think they’ll deliver to France? I don’t care how many I have to order, the French don’t know how do make cookies anyways.

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