Zocalo Cafe

I’ll warn you now, and I’ll warn you again later: don’t eat the grilled jalapenos.

Other than that, everything at this little Clarksville Mexican restaurant is very tasty and very budget-friendly.

The ambiance at Zocalo Cafe is open and bright, with high ceilings, a white interior, and natural and lime green accents. After you order at the counter, definitely opt for the romantical table-for-two in the far corner overlooking West Lynn and the outdoor patrons. As dusk falls make sure you ask someone to light your candle, as the fire-woman will likely skip your table to avoid interrupting any googly eyes.

Food recommendations:  We love queso in all shapes and sizes. This goes for the Zocalo queso, so naturally we recommend it. The Nachos Extravagante (86 the jalapenos, add chicken) are my personal fav, while S loves the Tostada Salad, with two portions of added shrimp. The thing we comment on most when we visit Zocalo is the portion sizes – always perfect.


TIP! Zocalo offers $2 frozen Sangria on Wednesday nights. Not the most amazing drink we’ve ever had, but definitely refreshing on a hot summer night. And at that price, S and I managed to drink our fair share…


WARNING! Do not eat the grilled jalapenos. If you do happen to eat one, you will quickly realize that you cannot feel your mouth. If this happens to you, S recommends ordering the horchata agua fresca. It’s made with dairy (although a traditional horchata is not) and quenches the burn immediately. However, I am almost glad S took that bite of green hotness, because the horchata is DELICIOUS, but nothing I would have ever ventured to order had we not been in great need of a cold milk product.

Horchata: Horchata is an old-world drink brought to the new world by the Spaniards and later enjoyed by the Aztecs. In Spain horchata was made with ground melon seeds, but given the seeds were not available in the new world, the Spaniards substituted readily available squash seeds. Later almonds and rice were brought to the new world and incorporated into the drink as it is prepared today. A refreshing cold drink made of rice, almonds, cinnamon (canella), lime zest, and sugar, Horchata is rumored to be a cure for a hangover (GourmetSleuth).

Overall, we highly recommend for the good food, horchata, and excellent prices. We are itching to try their brunch (10-2 Sat/Sun) next!


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    I don’t understand why your grammar is so good.

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